Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Phat Fiber...

...Wednesday! The theme is Gems and Minerals, beautiful fibery goodness as always!
It even came with a new ring, LOL!
A bag full of goodies, stitch markers and fun fibery things:
The Fluff:
The Yarn: 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Mad Monday...

...and Sunday, too. I got up early and got some serious work done these last 2 days! 34 skeins of yarn dyed in 14 colorways! I feel some relief, I'm starting to prepare for Shepherd's Harvest Sheep and Wool Festival this coming May 7th and 8th in Lake Elmo, Minnesota. (Near Minneapolis/St. Paul) Some of this is also an order for a yarn shop, too. I'm busy, busy, but enjoying every minute!
 Hmm...I think we will have to sponge bathe for a week! 
Just kidding...
My husband would say that's the end of yarn dyeing in this place! We shove them all down to one end and then spread them out again...I can't wait to have a better place to dry these someday! 
Hope you are having a great day or night ~ Angela

Friday, February 18, 2011

It's been wheel...

...central lately. I've got another friend of mine's spinning wheel, while she has one of my drop spindles to learn how to draft and work with the fiber. I'm getting to know her wheel so that I can teach her better! It's a lovely Kiwi from Ashford. A nice inexpensive wheel. I'm not sure I would get one myself, but I like how it spins. Here is my first skein on it.
The fiber was from Bride Flight Studios. 80/20 BFL/Silk. A very lovely fiber to spin and I enjoyed every minute of it! I got a 2 ply 256 yards and 11 WPI (wraps per inch). Around a sport, DK weight. My best handspun to date!! I can't wait to knit with it!
Here's a close up:

Spoiler..., but I'm pretty sure these have all been delivered to the Tea and Yarn Club members. This is the February colorway. It is Kona is a minimal pooling colorway on Nogi: 90/10 Superwash Merino/Nylon. It was a really fun colorway to dye and the tea a special treat to take you away from the winter weather! 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tea and Yarn Club...

...February only is now listed in the shop. The clue this time is Tropical. Take yourself away with a cup of warm tea and escape this cold weather we are having, and lucky you if you live in warm weather. You'll still enjoy this great tea!

I have posted last months colorway in the Tea and Yarn section over in the right hand column for you to look at if you like.

I have a new yarn that I will be listing in the shop soon. It's a BFL (Blue Faced Leicester) and Nylon blend. It's beautiful and BFL is known for it's strength and durability. BFL also has a great sheen to it much like silk. I can't wait to knit with it myself! Some sock knitters swear by it wears like iron! I sold some to a local knitter here in  town and here is her socks that she is making. These are all minimal pooling colorways and the middle on is my Oceania colorway.

Monday, February 7, 2011

P.I.T.A.S. winner is...

...Mary, who said this:
Ah, I wish I knew how to spin, but I'm glad you also offer yarn. I've enjoyed your yarns and just wish I could afford to purchase more and often. I can't think of another yarn because you cover the fibers I like to knit with so well.
Just Подробнее, пожалуйста!

Mary, contact me within a week and I will get the yarn out to you! Congratulations and I'm calling my husband in to translate the Russian for me. What do you mean, provide more details? Do fill me in, I would love to provide them if I can! Looking forward to hearing from you!


Friday, February 4, 2011

Look what I did....!
The top one is 4 ounces and the bottom is 5 ounces. I know, I know, not too many ounces. They are one of a kind, but they have the same main ingredients so they could be spun together very well.

Keep your...

...comments coming, I really love and appreciate the feedback! I have a few of my own for you, too.

Judi and someone else say they are on the lookout for sweater quantities....well, I've had this sitting on my desk waiting to be photographed, there is 28 ounces total of a very soft 21.5 micron merino. My intention was totally different, but it was a failed experiment twice! There are 2 different dye lots, but the same colorway and in spinning this isn't quite as fussy, they can be mixed up while spinning or plied together or whatever you have in mind. It's a beautiful warm rosy color. I'd love to have a sweater out of it and if it doesn't sell I can always run it through the drum carder and mix it with other fibers to make some beautiful batts.
I'm also working on adding more no-pooling variegated colorways and nearly solids to my shop, like this skein on Nogi. I'm catching up with my sock yarn clubs and they are next on my list!
A lot of you like bamboo, I personally don't like it much and I will admit this is a bad reason for not bringing it to my shop. I will look into it, I know one of my suppliers has it in a few blends. I will bring this up in a separate post sometime to see more specifically what you like and why. Keep your eyes peeled next week.

Thank you all for your comments so far, keep em' coming! {the post below this one}

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Here's a messed up skein up for grabs. When I was re-skeining I went to cut the dye-ties and I accidentally cut the yarn! Yikes, never done that there's knot number one. 

Knot number two came almost half way through when it got tangled up in itself. I don't have time to waste so I cut it; that's why you see two skeins. It's a few yards short, but not by much.

The yarn is Opulence: Merino/Cashmere/Nylon...lucky for you! It's a fingering weight in a lovely dusky purple coming at over 400 yards.

My question for you is this: 

Spinners: When you purchase fiber how many ounces do you like to buy in one colorway, including Top and Batts?

Not a spinner? That's okay, tell me what type of yarn you'd love to see in my shop. 

I will draw the lucky winner on Monday, February 7th. I will post the winner and you will be responsible to contact me for the prize. If I don't hear from you within 1 week I will draw again for a new winner!

Thank you and Good Luck!
~ Angela