All Knitted Up!

Here I will post photos of projects using my yarn so you can see what some of the colorways look like when they are knitted up. I will list the yarn line, colorway and pattern link.

Sumptuosity fingering
Colorways: Greek Olives & Cabernet
Link to Pattern here.
Please note that this shawl was made larger than in the original pattern and you will need 2 skeins of Greek Olives and 1 skein of Cabernet. Thank you Shawn for knitting this for me; a work of perfection!

Opulence fingering
Colorway: Lover's Island
Link to free cuff pattern here.

Colorway: 4 of a kind
Pattern Link Autumn Flutters pico edge was used instead of the ruffle edge. The large shawl used almost 2 skeins of Resplendence. Thank you to Tish for knitting this up for me; it is a work of perfection! These are Tish's pattern notes. Thank you Tish!

Colorway: Not sure, this hat was knitted with 2 strands of Happy Feet, the same as my Nogi.
Pattern Link

Lublu (worsted)
Colorway: True Blue
Pattern Link  (I added a 2 stitch cable between the 4 stitch cable)

Sublimity (Fingering 2 strands held together)
Colorway: Red (This dye job was done by a friend in a swap, but the yarn is the same as mine.)
Pattern Link  (I started the crown decreasing earlier to avoid puckering like so many of these hats have.)

Colorway: Buttercup
Pattern Link Sweater
Pattern Link Hat
Pattern Link Booties
All of these cuties were made with 1 skein and 17g/.6oz left over!The booties and hat could me made bigger.

Colorway: One of a kind (1 skein)
Pattern Link (Note from the knitter of this shawl: To get the eyelet edges satisfactory was to do the YOs on the right side and kfb on the wrong side.)

Sublimity Lace
Colorway: Blue paisley (1 skein)
Pattern Link (This link goes directly to dear Eliana's ravelry page, who made this for me, she has all the pattern changes that she did in her notes.  My shawl has many lace repeats, while the pattern only calls for one, three uses up an entire skein of yarn.)

Colorway: Saskatoon Berries (1 skein)
Pattern Link

Colorway: Sunset (1 skein)
Pattern Link

Colorway: Meriner Blue (2 skeins)
Pattern Link (Please note: My citron is larger than the pattern using 2 skeins fingering weight.)

Lublu Sport
Colorway: Mexican Fiesta (1 skein)
Pattern Link

Colorway: Lemon-Lime sorbet (1 skein)
Pattern Link

Colorway: Terracotta
Unknown Pattern

Lublu Fingering
Colorway: Kaleidoscope (May Phat Fiber ~ Blossoms and Bark)
Pattern Link