Monday, August 26, 2013

Winner and name has been choosen!

I have chosen a name, it was between 2 of them, Zamki and Seelletta.

I went with Seelletta, since it's so close to the BFL yarn I have already. It's like a masculine and feminine version and they seem to fit the yarns very well.

I like Zamki because it means beautiful and strong and I think it will save it for another yarn! 

Amchart suggested it with this post: 

 I was just on KnitPicks today and they have a Capra and Capretta. I like Seella and Seelletta.

Amchart, I don't have a way to get a hold of you, please contact me and I will send you a skein of Seelletta!

Thank you again! Now I can get labels designed and printed.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Name this Yarn Contest!

I need a name for a new yarn that I'm going to be carrying.

It is 80/20 BFL (Bluefaced Leicester)/Nylon

I have a BFL/Nylon (Seella) yarn already, but this one is distinctively different and will be less expensive.

It is a 2 ply, with a nice twist and super soft. 

4 ounces - 115 grams

400 yards

If I choose your name you will get a skein of the August colorway, which the yarn is featured in here:

I have a kind of theme with my names....
The more luxury yarns have luxurious names like, Opulence, Resplendence, Sumptuosity, etc. and the others I used a Russian theme, Lublu = love, Nogi = feet, Seella = strong. I'm willing to go off the themes, but if you think of one like this that would be great, too!

To enter leave a comment with your name suggestion and also your Ravelry ID, so that I can easily get a hold of you if I chose your name. I'll give you until the end of August!

Have fun!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Contest: Colorway of the Month

 I am hosting a colorway of the month contest over in my Ravelry group. See rules and enter here for your chance to win a skein of yarn or bump of fiber!

This image is my inspiration for the August colorway: