Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Name this Yarn Contest!

I need a name for a new yarn that I'm going to be carrying.

It is 80/20 BFL (Bluefaced Leicester)/Nylon

I have a BFL/Nylon (Seella) yarn already, but this one is distinctively different and will be less expensive.

It is a 2 ply, with a nice twist and super soft. 

4 ounces - 115 grams

400 yards

If I choose your name you will get a skein of the August colorway, which the yarn is featured in here:

I have a kind of theme with my names....
The more luxury yarns have luxurious names like, Opulence, Resplendence, Sumptuosity, etc. and the others I used a Russian theme, Lublu = love, Nogi = feet, Seella = strong. I'm willing to go off the themes, but if you think of one like this that would be great, too!

To enter leave a comment with your name suggestion and also your Ravelry ID, so that I can easily get a hold of you if I chose your name. I'll give you until the end of August!

Have fun!


  1. Perhaps since it's so like Seela, you could name it strong in another language? Japanese is Tsuyoi (strong) or Tsuyosa (strength), which sounds pretty.

  2. I was just on KnitPicks today and they have a Capra and Capretta. I like Seella and Seelletta.

  3. How about "amenity" (comfort and value). My translator only shows Russian in the Cyrillic alphabet so I can't give you the Russian word for it.

  4. Mat' preeroda - Russian for Mother Nature

  5. How about Pollock (for Jackson Pollock) or grayed rainbow, which is his painting it reminds me of? You could start a whole new naming convention - artists!
    wahoomerryf on Rav

  6. Balin is one of the words meaning "strong" in Sanskrit. (nanishiori)

  7. Let me try this again. That's such beautiful dying. My naming thoughts:
    Suzdal (a lovely Russian town that I want to visit. It’s endured since 1024.)
    Tropa (path, trail)
    Teplo (warmth)
    Ovsta (sheep)
    Zamki (chateau, both beautiful and strong, not a hulking bulk of an imposing fortress)
    Mayak (lighthouse)
    -- Kate (gravitytester)

  8. I nominate "raduga" which is Russian for rainbow. Lots of possibilities for color-play here plus the connotations of luck and happiness that go with a rainbow.

  9. The first thing I thought was "Summer Comes in on Wings", but maybe "Wings of Summer" would be a little shorter!

  10. vigorous(seelnee)
    My favorite is tsepke I think of knitting lace and having to pull it back and yarn holding up beautifully even if I pull it back 9 times.

  11. That colorway is stunning!

    Warm (teplyy)
    Close (blizko)
    Beauty (krasota)
    Kiss (beze)

    on Ravelry I'm 5DogNight

  12. I like "Impressionist" because the color reminds me of the paintings done by artists such as Monet during the impressionist art movement. It's such a beautiful color!

    I'm vernalequinox on Ravelry.

  13. Hmmm...
    Simply Seella
    Soft Seella

    Beautiful work!


  14. I've been playing with google translate to try and see what Twist, Bounce or Dance would be in Russian.
    On the other theme, Splendid or Shiny or Spectacular.

    tktl on Ravelry


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