Wednesday, March 23, 2011

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Yarn and Fiber CLUBS are included!

Sumptuosity Lace weight: Alpaca/Silk/Cashmere! Simply the best!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tea and Yarn Club...

...March only is up for sale. This is the last one until Summer's Club starting in June. There will be 2 new yarns added to the summer club, BFL (Blue Faced Leicester)/Nylon and Merino/Cashmere/Silk! Awesome yarns!!

The clue this month is Dance the Night away...

All for Love of Yarn! Shop

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wings n' Things Fiber Club and Spin Along

More details and participation can be found here in my Ravelry Group: All for Love of Yarn
Shop listings can be found here: All for Love of Yarn! Shop

I have been so inspired by the gorgeous submissions in the Butterflies and Flutterbys Contest that I’m planning on a fiber club inspired by the beauties! I will be adding a few of my own that I have used for inspiration and taking a few of yours. It should be a really fun club and Spin Along (SAL)!


The fiber will be 4 ounces of 80 Merino/20 Silk or 75 BFL/25 Silk. Depending on how many you choose you may get some of each or both. If you want it carded into a batt there will be no extra charge, just let me know.

You will get some of my favorite things that I use regularly and love that make life prettier, feel better and easier!

~ You will get to tell me your top three favorite Wings and I will do my best to accommodate you; order early to get your top pick! There is a limited number available in each colorway.
~ Spin along! Post your photos in this thread of your spinning; I’ll post mine, too!
~ Shipping will start in April!

Spin Along (SAL) Details
~ Prizes! To be eligible enter your finished skein made with the wings colorway. The dates are yet to be determined, depending on when, if and how well they sell.
3 prizes!
April's PhatFiber samples are yet to be determined by the contest in my Ravelry group and these will also be eligible for the prizes!
  1. $20.00 towards anything in my shop.
  2. $15.00 towards anything in my shop.
  3. “Things package” You’ll get a package of all the “things” that I will be sending out in the club shipments and some fiber, could be a batt or top!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Sweet Shop... the theme for this months PhatFiber Sampler box and it was a fun one to do! I did 2 samples this month, the first my wedding cake inside and out! I love everything about this cake to this day and my husband and I eat it every year on our Anniversary, since we still have some in our freezer.
Just kidding! It is Tuxedo Cake from the Original Cakery (Sysco Foods) and you can probably get it at your grocery store. It's awesome, chocolate and white cake with mousse layered between, to die for!
It's still my favorite decorated cake, classic and simple to show off the gorgeous shades of pink roses.
 Rosa Chocolata
The fiber is just as yummy with Superfine Merino, Merino, Alpaca, Cultivated Silk, Mulberry Silk and Angora!

My second contribution is the winner from the contest in my Ravelry Group
The fiber in this batt is Merino Wool, Shetland and Firestar, a scrumptious combo I can't wait to spin up a sample myself.
Sugar Plum
This one has gorgeous shades of pink with light brown, chartreuse, and lavender. Simply delicious!

The samples are for sale in my shop and the full size batts will be available very soon! 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How do you like...

...your fiber prepared when you purchase it? I've been toying with some different ways to present the fiber in my shop and got some very interesting ideas on Ravelry and from that have concluded the following and now I would love to know your opinion!

The Braid: I like the look of the braid, but I think it can be deceiving. For example, I ordered a braid and when I opened it up it was not what I was expecting as far as how it was dyed. I thought it was more randomly dyed than painted in repeated sections. Granted this was before I knew what a braid did to the look of fiber.
As far as making the braid I thought it was a pain in the butt, took much longer and I needed my daughter's help; I'm sure I could set something heavy on the one end in the future, though.

The Chain: I don't like the look as much as the braid, but it still makes the fiber look pretty, perhaps not as smooth looking. The chain is smaller than the braid when coiled up, too. I took a older chain apart and it does have kinks in it, but they didn't affect my spinning, just the look of the fiber. I try to chain loosely, maybe this will help.
As far as making the chain, it's much faster than braiding.

The coil: Well, if this doesn't show off the fiber and how it's dyed I don't know what will. It's a great photo for online shop listing, but it will have to be prepped another way for shipping.

The ball: This was super easy, fun to do. Easy to photograph. I'm just not sure how customers will react to this in an online shop. I took several photos to represent each color in the fiber. The only thing is you can't see all of the fiber, the inside of the ball.  It could also be shipped in the ball form pretty easily as well.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Vervaine... now available on Seella, BFL and Nylon. It's in the shop now! In case you are wondering what vervaine is, it is the "famous" colorway that started my Tea and Yarn Club. Vervaine is a Teavana Tea that inspired this colorway and was the beginning of many more tea inspired colorways only available in my Tea and Yarn Club. March's single listing for the club will be up soon, too!