Friday, February 4, 2011

Keep your...

...comments coming, I really love and appreciate the feedback! I have a few of my own for you, too.

Judi and someone else say they are on the lookout for sweater quantities....well, I've had this sitting on my desk waiting to be photographed, there is 28 ounces total of a very soft 21.5 micron merino. My intention was totally different, but it was a failed experiment twice! There are 2 different dye lots, but the same colorway and in spinning this isn't quite as fussy, they can be mixed up while spinning or plied together or whatever you have in mind. It's a beautiful warm rosy color. I'd love to have a sweater out of it and if it doesn't sell I can always run it through the drum carder and mix it with other fibers to make some beautiful batts.
I'm also working on adding more no-pooling variegated colorways and nearly solids to my shop, like this skein on Nogi. I'm catching up with my sock yarn clubs and they are next on my list!
A lot of you like bamboo, I personally don't like it much and I will admit this is a bad reason for not bringing it to my shop. I will look into it, I know one of my suppliers has it in a few blends. I will bring this up in a separate post sometime to see more specifically what you like and why. Keep your eyes peeled next week.

Thank you all for your comments so far, keep em' coming! {the post below this one}


  1. Love the color of that merino!

  2. Oh my gosh the colors of that batt are just out of the world..I really need to learn to spin.....

    Just beautiful,


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