Monday, February 21, 2011

Mad Monday...

...and Sunday, too. I got up early and got some serious work done these last 2 days! 34 skeins of yarn dyed in 14 colorways! I feel some relief, I'm starting to prepare for Shepherd's Harvest Sheep and Wool Festival this coming May 7th and 8th in Lake Elmo, Minnesota. (Near Minneapolis/St. Paul) Some of this is also an order for a yarn shop, too. I'm busy, busy, but enjoying every minute!
 Hmm...I think we will have to sponge bathe for a week! 
Just kidding...
My husband would say that's the end of yarn dyeing in this place! We shove them all down to one end and then spread them out again...I can't wait to have a better place to dry these someday! 
Hope you are having a great day or night ~ Angela

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  1. Shepherd's Harvest is one of my favorite places!


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