Friday, February 18, 2011

It's been wheel...

...central lately. I've got another friend of mine's spinning wheel, while she has one of my drop spindles to learn how to draft and work with the fiber. I'm getting to know her wheel so that I can teach her better! It's a lovely Kiwi from Ashford. A nice inexpensive wheel. I'm not sure I would get one myself, but I like how it spins. Here is my first skein on it.
The fiber was from Bride Flight Studios. 80/20 BFL/Silk. A very lovely fiber to spin and I enjoyed every minute of it! I got a 2 ply 256 yards and 11 WPI (wraps per inch). Around a sport, DK weight. My best handspun to date!! I can't wait to knit with it!
Here's a close up:

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  1. That is absolutely gorgeous! And it looks so even and neat ... wow!

    I have found that 10 or 20 percent silk makes for great spinning, I don't know why. Silk by itself is frustrating, but throw a little in some wool, and it's fabulous!


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