Friday, September 17, 2010

What a day...

...what a day it was today, a busy day indeed. It started out with dyeing 18 skeins of yarn, 7 different colorways. They are wet and messy and don't look so great yet.
Guess what? Three of these are lace weight! My first shipment of lace came yesterday and I immediately got some soaking; I couldn't wait to get some dyed. It's merino, cashmere and silk. So very, very nice!
I also did my weekly 3 loads of laundry (clothes), cleaned the house and made pork chops, potatoes and green beans for supper! And I'm still up, I have a lot of energy lately, just not tired yet, I would lay in bed and think of what I should do next.
I've been waiting to post this gorgeous little girl in her pretty little hat! It's been blocking the last few days. I finished it in  7 days, when I started I was hoping to have it done by hat wearing weather (a few months).  It was such a joy to knit, the pattern was awesome, best written pattern I've ever used.

I'm not sure about the blocking job, I don't like that you can see the rim where the plate was; I might do it again without the plate, but then again I'm not sure how that would work either. We'll see. Katya can't wait until it snows, I practically had to bribe her to put it on for me. She kept saying it's not's not snowing...
My sister wants one now and so do I! It was wonderful to knit with my own handspun yarn, too.  A few short months ago I would never have believed it if someone told me I would be knitting a beautiful hat with yarn that I spun.  I'm really hooked!
I do need to get up early tomorrow and start re-skeining this hanging pile of yarn. I'm getting behind, so I must get to bed pretty soon! I have no more hooks left to hang the wet stuff when it is dry. I need to get it listed in my shop, too...

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