Monday, February 24, 2014

To give...

...or to keep. That I just cannot decide. When I started knitting I intended to give this to a friend, but I love it so much! It's handspun yarn and I didn't spin it. It was well worth every penny I paid. It was beautifully spun and I enjoyed knitting with it so much. It's one of a kind, so I want to keep it. But then I ask myself: Do I really want to knit the same sweater again, but with different yarn? Maybe, maybe not. That will all depend on the yarn, it could make or break the knitting experience. I know, I could find another sweater, nothing hit my fancy and I know this will fit next year.

The Pattern: It's a one size pattern with no gauge given...not my kind of pattern because I always change something. I figured out the gauge by figuring out how many stitches for the chest and went from there with my gauge for my handspun. It's was such a cute and easy pattern I went with it.

The Yarn: It was 150 yards per 4 ounces. Gotta love a bulky yarn once in a while!

It took me a week to make this sweater. That is all I wanted it to take, after all it was suppose to be a gift and I had 2 other projects on the needles.  The sweater will fit the child next fall/winter, so I have plenty of time for another. One more reason to keep it :)

Here is my little sweet modeling it for me. She just turned one!


  1. I totally see your point-- the yarn is amazing. Cute kid, too.

  2. I want to squeeze those sweet cheeks!!

  3. You should keep it. Our knitting times are too short to give up things we love. Cute sweater, even cuter model!

  4. In years to come, you will be so glad you have this little tiny sweater - like maybe when your little tiny girl has a little tiny girl of her own.


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