Friday, April 1, 2011

You asked...

...I answer and give someone a FREE skein!  I've got a bamboo blend coming to the shop soon. I'll be dyeing it all up for Shepherd's Harvest and then it will come to the shop, unless of course someone wants a custom order, I'll be happy to oblige!

Here are the details:

Yet to be named ?? This is where you come in, details below!

70% Superwash Merino Wool
20% Bamboo (rayon derived from the bamboo plant), it has a touch much like silk
10% Nylon

465 Yards
115 gram skein

Okay, so you want to know how you can win this free skein of yarn?! I need a name for it. If you come up with a name that I like you'll win a free skein!

Keep in mind my other names that I have for my yarn, I'd like it to fit in (at least somewhat), we'll see...
Resplendence, Sumptuosity, Opulence, Sublimity, Soleful, Nogi, Lublu and Seella, the last 3 are Russian.

Good luck and I look forward to seeing what you come up with! Deadline until I get a name I like!

Thank you,

P.s. The 300th sale in my shop will get a surprise in their package! If you order yarn it will be yarn, if you order fiber it will be fiber! 


  1. I love Splendiferous. Just saying the word is fun and knitting with it would put a huge smile on my face especially when I got to tell someone what it was called.

  2. ania65 on RavelryApril 2, 2011 at 10:29 AM

    Kochana- Polish for Beloved.

  3. How about Slickety-Split?

    Slick because it is probably very glossy and shiny and split because the bamboo plant has to be spit to get thhe fibre.

    + I like the play on wiords and the sound of it ;)

  4. Eloquence

    Because yarn speaks, right? :)

  5. Decadanza! Your yarn is gorrrrrgeous. Thanks for letting us play! I'll keep thinkin'....

  6. lavishness, substantiality, loftiness, sumptuousness, extravagance

  7. Heaven-ness - I've love the heavenly feel of bamboo.

    rav: aewsimmons

  8. since I saw this at ravelry . . . how about RAVELICIOUS?

    Purplemoose at ravelry. :)

  9. Udachi, which in Russian means "Good Luck."

    Not only does bamboo make me think of panda bears, which makes me think of China, China makes me think of those fun good luck cats that hang out beside displays of bamboo floral arrangements at Chinese restaurants, which makes me think of good luck yarn. Udachi even sorta sounds Chinese! LOL.

    LadyDanio @ Ravelry

  10. Serendipity... the definition is "an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident." Your blend may not have been an accident (I'm sure it wasn't), but all your yarns definitely sound like desirable discoveries!!!

    HermioneWeasley on ravelry

  11. I like the idea of something simple... so, my suggestion is:


    It is one of the ways of saying Bamboo in Chinese, which seems fitting somehow.

  12. I like the Japanese word for Bamboo shoot:


    Has a neat ring to it. :o)


  13. sinful sparky136 on Ralvery

  14. Luminosity - because bamboo adds a lovely sheen.

  15. Harmony, because the wonderful fibers work together in harmony.

    saraq24 on ravelry

  16. Sensuous, Serene

    gynx on Ravelry.

  17. Divine, Majesty (majesté in french), Belle (beautiful in frech)

    CrochetBySarah on Ravelry

  18. indah. It is indonesian for beautiful.

    GetKnitted on Ravelry.

  19. My suggestion would be: Kovaya
    It's short for the Russian word for bamboo, bambukovaya. And it just sounds pretty! =}

    Rav: brighteyesjessy

  20. Temptation - because that's what the description of this yarn makes me feel. I want!

    greyowl (rav id)

  21. Serendipitous
    Laska (Slovak for "love")

  22. - Luminoso - used in music to make the piece sound luminous
    - Melisma - described as singing different notes on one syllable.

    By the way you described your wool, it sounds like these words would show it very well.

    Ospreysong on Ravelry

  23. Bellisimo

    -Griff girls on rav

  24. How about Lana- which I believe is wool in Italian.

    ShainR on Ravelry

  25. Great! I love bamboo blends. I love how they glisten so on that note here are my suggestions for a name-

    Radience, lustrous, or glisten.

    Good luck on picking a name.

  26. Luscious

    names are the hardest.

  27. Silken Rays
    Rays of Silk
    Bonita (beautiful in Spanish)

    FeistyIrishWench on Ravelry too ;)

  28. How about Serdce - Russian for "heart"?
    I also like Scintillation...

    Ilina (on Rav)

  29. I suggest Zenkun.

    Zen means meditation or is said to be a way to enlightenment...started in China where I always think of bamboo being grown. And "kun" is the substance that gives the bamboo fibers their popular antibacterial and anti-fungal qualities without loosing their cashmere-like softness and strength.

    Originally, I wanted to call it Zen but Berocco has a yarn line by that name - though it is now discontinued and contained no bamboo.

  30. Hi how about Fantabulous???

    Ladyfemme on Rav

  31. I think Divinity would fit in perfectly with the rest of your yarn collection :)



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