Friday, April 8, 2011

You are...

...awesome! It is going to be a touch choice, nope I still haven't decided!

There were a few in the running, including Zenkun; Tish, I loved your explanation and it fits so well, but it doesn't quite fit into the theme of my other yarns, know what I mean? I keep going back to it though, it's original and I like names with meaning. It doesn't really need to fit with the others I suppose.

I love Serendipity/Serendipitous or Felicity and Serdce which means Russian for "heart"? How can I not love this? I didn't actually ask my husband, the Russian to be sure yet and to see how it's pronounced, but in English it sounds like I'm saying Certs, isn't that a breath freshener or something?

When I read Emily's suggestion: Luminosity, I had completely forgot that I tucked this in the back of my mind as a possible name, I thought it would fit a sparkly yarn, but I tried some out and didn't like them much, dyeing them is a pain in the butt, just too temperamental for me right now. So, I put the name aside and hadn't thought about it for this bamboo yarn until I read Emily's post. As they say, great minds think alike.

So, my decision is not yet final....I might choose 2 names from this great line up, since I have another new yarn and I think one of these other names will fit it well. It is 40/40/20 Baby Alpaca/Wool/Silk in a DK weight Single ply. It's gorgeous and I'm dyeing it now for Shepherd's Harvest.

I'm sorry I have no photos yet; I've got some DK weight drying, but no bamboo has been dyed yet. I might not decide until after I dye some and play around with it to know; I'll keep you posted and thank you all for your wonderful suggestions; I really appreciate it!

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