Friday, April 8, 2011

I've decided...

...on the name of both of my new yarns! Thank you, thank you for your suggestions!!

LUMINOSITY for the bamboo blend (Suggested by Emily)


SERENDIPITY for the alpaca, wool and silk single. I think it fits perfectly, isn't a single ply yarn a happy accident in a way, it was just so good the way it was they couldn't dare give it another ply! (Suggested by Nicole)

Please contact me for your prizes! SURPRISE!  I think I will give a skein to both of you!
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  1. I like your choices. ^_^ I know that the Zenkun idea did not quite fit with the other names but as it has great meaning I submitted it anyway. Many of your yarns have nice meanings to them so I thought it was worth a shot. ^_^

    I am thinking that this DK yarn is going to be a wondrous thing to touch, feel and knit with... for me, anyway. ^_^ I will see you at the Shepherds Fest next month!!


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