Friday, December 17, 2010

Well, I got one...

...goal met by the 18th of December. We've all been sick, first the kids one after another and then myself. I didn't get as much done as I hoped to. I think I put too much pressure on myself, not enough sleep and now I'm paying for it and not to mention I didn't get done what I wanted to anyway!

I finished Katya's blue hat and she loves it! I'm now making mittens to match, hopefully they will be done by Christmas. (I'm not even going to mention David's darn sweater ~ my worst nightmare lately!)
 When David saw that Katya had her new hat he went straight to the closet and wanted his, too! He seemed so pleased that Katya had one now, too!
Here is the link for the Cozy Cabled Hat. I did make a few changes like adding another cable instead of stockinette stitch and I think it made it so cute. I love cables! I'll add it to my Ravelry page with modifications sometime soon I hope.

I used All for Love of Yarn's Lublu worsted in True Blue, Katya's favorite color.


  1. Great looking hats... and even Better Looking Kids! I love how much they love their Mum's knitting... that's pretty special! Happy Holidays!

  2. If only all recipients of knitted gifts acted this way!

  3. Good job! Love the expressions on the kids' faces :)
    I hope everyone is feeling 100% well.

  4. Oh my...beautiful. I love the kids; expressions


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