Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Giveaway! PITA...

...yep, I've got another one. It's bound to happen when I'm re-skeining a lot of yarn getting ready for this festival on Saturday. I can't wait, it's getting exciting!

This time it's a worsted weight, semi-solid navy blue coming in at 135 yards/75grams.

I would like you to tell me what you would like to see in a sock yarn club. I'm thinking about doing one totally custom for each customer, send me your photographs and we'll go from there kind of thing.

What about a worsted weight yarn club for those of you who don't like fingering weight much?

Talk about how much you would be willing to pay for your ideas, thoughts. 

Last day to comment is Wednesday, November 10th, 2010



  1. I would have to suggest enough sock yarn for a proper pair of socks (around 440yds). So many sock skeins are 300-400 and that 440 is usually a perfect amount for nice socks that are not riding terribly low on the leg (especially if made for a man). Worse, if using a pattern, one has to purchase two of the 300-400 skeins to make the patterns for a 440 sock and then has all that leftover which sits in a bag for years until something like a massive sock blanket comes into play.

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  3. I love it when you have contests. :D In all honesty, I really like your current yarn clubs, I just have no money. The only thing is, I was a little disappointed when the cost for the tea one went up. I think that's because you're including one of those airtight tea containers? Which makes sense, but I have like a jillion of those already, so it wouldn't make sense for me to pay for another one. One other selling point for sock clubs for me (again, assuming I had money) is, I like ones that come with a pattern.

  4. I love clubs that offer slightly larger skeins because I have big size 10 feet and my hubby has ginormous size 18 feet!

    I like it when kits come with a pattern or two to go with the yarn, sometimes its so hard to dig through the pattern database on Rav to find just the right thing

    I'm thinking a custom yarn club could be interesting but would be a whole lot more work on your end of things. How about offering a theme with variations instead? Like seasons and letting everyone pick their favorite? or Faeries and have 2 or 3 to choose from?

    I haven't seen a worsted yarn club before and I think its a great idea! Especially if you do an accessory club with enough yarn to knit a small project or two like a hat and gloves

    I'm not sure how much I would pay right offhand. It would depend on what all was included with the club. Money is pretty tight now so I wouldn't mind fewer extras if it cut the cost down quite a bit

  5. hi there~
    so nice of you to have a giveaway for your yarn~ i recieved a mini skien of it in swap on ravelry.loved it~
    thank you ~m

  6. I can't imagine how much work it would be for you to do a customized club for each customer, so while that's nice of you, are you sure it's a realistic idea.

    And I also just don't have any money for sock clubs, but your yarn is lovely!

  7. I have never participated in a sock club - but it is not out of the possibility.

    prefer fingering weight and like it when a pattern comes with it. Don't think i would care for a cutomized yarn - like the idea of getting something totally different from my normal choices

  8. I love your clubs! Haven't joined only due to economics- hoping after xmas for a gift. I'd love to see a 1 skien wonder type club.... one where you get diffent weight yarn every month in the monthly colorway with maybe a pattern suggestion (ex: fingerless mitts, hat, shawlette, scarf). I think it would be fun to not know what you're going to get (worsted or lace or fingering). Think the surprise would be cool!!

  9. I've never joined a club, so I have no idea what a reasonable cost is...only been knitting for about a year.

    BUT - I ONLY make socks with worsted weight or chunky yarn. I know me, and I don't have the patience to work with the fingering weight yarns. I need to see progress fast.

    I'm currently working on a pair of footies for my mom with a super soft chunky yarn....and I'd be happy to deal with your PITA and turn that beautiful yarn into something! =}

  10. I would like to see more plain colors. Some of the stitch variations don't show up well with patterned yarns.

  11. a worsted-weight club would be a wonderful thing; i tend not to do much in lighter yarns, they always feel like they take forever to finish!! but enough yarn in worsted weight to do an accessory in, like a hat or pull-through scarf, or wristies, would be really cool.

    also, a customized yarn club could be really cool, but could also be more trouble than it's worth. what about doing a limited one, like 6 people per club, and have each person send in a pic; then every person in that club gets one skein from each pic?? (i hope i'm making sense) that way, you'd be doing up a larger batch of yarn per pic (6 skeins), each person would get their personalized yarn, but would also get 5 other people's personalized could even do it on themes, like "fall colors" or something.....
    or another way to do it is to have people vote on their pic, and whichever pic gets the most votes is the one that gets made for that month......

    i do love the fact that all your yarns are inspired by the most gorgeous photography!!

    -oonaghfibersmyth on ravelry

  12. Allowing each customer to place a custom order sounds like it would be very overwhelming for you.

    What if you had two fiber clubs? One would be for hand-dyed yarn of your choosing. The other would be a limited club with a much smaller membership and a higher cost, but each customer would get a custom color at some point. You could have a limit of 9 customers for a 3 month subscription and send out three skeins of yarn each month (just an example).

  13. I love the idea of a worsted weight sock!
    For the club, I would love to see plenty of yarn (I has big feet) to finish the chosen pattern and perhaps a themed stitch holder or two (based on what the pattern requires).
    I could see myself paying $20 for the kit or perhaps, pay for several months ahead and get a small discount, perhaps 4 months for $65 or so.

  14. I can't afford a sock yarn club yet but I do think about it and love to window shop them. I think worsted weight socks are not a bad idea because other companies have heavier weights that they've kept around for a reason. Since a lot of people like to make shawls and scarves from "sock yarn," that could also be an added benefit of carrying such a weight.
    monkalicious on Rav

  15. Oh my! I love the color of this PITA... I immediately thought of a pair of fingerless mitts or special hat. ^_^

    For the sock club, I think that totally customizing colors for each customer may be overwhelming for you. You would definitely have to limit the number. Perhaps offer options of one skein or two for each person (with appropriate pricing) so they can have enough for just socks or a shawl? And I would do it as a one time (once a year thing) deal. That may work... perhaps during a break from the other clubs?? It may become a fun once a year project for you and a mad rush for people to get in before all spots are filled... LOL

    Worsted weight club sounds fabulous. I would be interested in a one skein wonder type club with a pattern... though I do enjoy a good pattern search sometimes. ^_^ There are so many things out there that you can do with only one skein of worsted yarn.

    Have a great weekend!!

  16. I usually knit with worsted weight yarn. I do not knit socks but I like sock yarn for shawls and other things.

  17. I've not knit many socks, but I prefer toe-up so that I can make the most of the yarn and not fear running out. So it would be great if you include patterns, to offer a toe-up option. :)

  18. Sock yarn is wonderful, because one doesn't have to buy 10 skeins of it to complete a project. Because of this most of us have large sock yarn stashes. There are many sock yarn clubs available to choose from too. I'd love to have a worsted weight yarn club available with some great patterns for smaller projects. If someone (meaning me, cough, cough) fell in love with a colorway and just had to have enough to make a larger project would there be an option to order more?

  19. I would like a sock club that had semi-solids- it makes the yarn more versatile in what you knit it up into.
    To dye for each individual participant is a lot of work (for you)-what about if pics were submitted & only the participants got to vote & it was a hidden outcome until the yarn arrived?
    I love yarn clubs & have joined a few now. Even when I dont like the colour that I get I always find someone who loves it & I knit something for them. My family & friends have benefited quite a few times beacause of this.

  20. I would like a sock yarn that is self striping. I love the stripes!

    I also love worsted weight yarn, and use it all the time for smaller projects like hats and mittens. As long as there is enough to complete a full project, it's great!

  21. Solid or semi-solid sock yarns would be a great sock club. Go into any LYS, and there's lots of variegated sock yarns, but if you're looking for solid, you have to look pretty hard. Different weights in the club would also be interesting, and suggested patterns would be helpful to steer people (like me) in an appropriate direction.

    If you wanted to have the custom sock club, maybe limit it to a certain number of people, and then have each of those people submit a photograph for inspiration, and then dye the yarns for the club based on those six (or ten or twelve, however many people are in the club) photographs. That would allow people to get their own inspired yarn, but would cut down on the customization work for you.

  22. In sock weight yarn, I love 100% Superwash, Merino Wool, or a combination of both, and a little Nylon would be good as well. Those fibers in more Pinks, Reds, and maybe combinations of white/ivory with the colors, that'd look so beautiful!

    In Worsted weight, I like anything, as long as it's soft, I don't mind handwashing it either :)

    ~ Eliana ~


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