Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What a whirl wind...

...weekend we had! The Festival was a great success and so much fun! It was so wonderful to see all of my hard work pay off and especially to see everyone's reactions to my yarn in person. It was so great to meet all of you who visited me and get to know some of you a little more. I met some people that I've been talking with via email and ravelry for the past few months and that was so much fun. Thank you for making this festival a great success!
My dear Mom, known as Mama Lu since my daughter could talk, was with me at the festival to help me in whatever I needed. My son David was with us, so she was basically in charge of him. She was a great help so that I could talk with all of you who visited and not worry about taking money and writing receipts. I think she's going to get an extra special gift this Christmas! Thank you Mom!
 The not so much fun part was the flat tire we had on the way home! I was just thankful that it didn't happen on the way to the festival in the morning; God is watching out for us and there must have been some reason that we needed to be delayed in getting home. My Mom would have changed the tire, but we couldn't get the darn spare tire out from underneath the van. Daylight was vanishing quite quickly and while Mom was loosening the lug nuts she made me crawl under the van to see if I could get the spare tire off. Do you think anyone stopped? No! It takes my husband 15 -30 minutes to get it off, extremely poor design on minivans he says. As we waited for my husband to arrive from 45 minutes away at my parents home she told me of the time when she was at a park in the days of no cell phones and no one around with 4 or 5 kids (I'm the first of 6) in tow, and a Suburban. She had a flat and she changed it, there was no choice, she just had to do it. Me, I was like, I have a phone and a husband who is able to come, or our insurance would cover the cost if we had no one to call.  She was quite determined to change it herself, but again the spare tire ordeal...

My husband got there and then 2 cars decide to stop and see if we need help, that would have been nice when I was laying under the van with my skirt on.

We made it home (to my parents) an hour later than expected. Katya was having a grand time getting into Mama Lu's lipstick when Boompa (Grandpa, also named by Katya) wasn't looking and she had her Aunt Hannah's clothes on. She didn't seem to excited to see me that's for sure, I think I was interrupting her fun!

We live 1 hour away from my parents home so I was stuck until Monday when I could get the flat tire fixed. We had planned on getting all new tires anyway so it worked out. I left the kids with Mama Lu and their Aunties and I headed to get the new tires and I actually enjoyed my time there spinning while I waited for the tires to be put on the van. I bought a new spindle at the festival, and couldn't wait to use it. I grabbed some fiber that didn't sell and had an hour all to myself to spin! I love new tires, especially before winter, they are worth every cent I paid.

I made it home Monday late afternoon and finally got the car unloaded this morning, actually my husband did it for me. He is such a wonderful man, what would I do without him I ask myself sometimes. I am a very blessed woman indeed!

I have the shop updated for now with more things coming a little at a time. I have to get an order ready for Kristin's Knit's in Rochester, Minnesota and then I hope to get some serious knitting done! I have a mental list of what I want to get done here pretty quickly. We are enjoying these last few days of nice weather first we spent the morning at the park, I think they are predicting snow come this weekend.

As promised to all of you at the festival I will have photos of my shawls and socks with links to the patterns on Ravelry very soon. I'll do that next if the kids stay sleeping! You can find it in the All Knitted Up! section in the right hand column.

Thank you again to all of you who made this fiber festival a great success for me. 
~ Angela


  1. Oh, the way people are when you need help at the side of the road! I had to push my car out of traffic once, and no one stopped to help me until a pretty little skinny blonde with a ponytail came over to help me push. Then the men were screeching to a halt! I was so mad I couldn't speak about it for days!

  2. It was great to find your yarn at the festival on Saturday - I loved it and I loved the fact that my second skein arrived so quickly.

    I was sorry to hear about the flat tire, though. I've only had one and then I had to walk home and leave the car until another day so I sympathize.


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