Wednesday, September 29, 2010


...but surely I'll get these socks done. I couldn't wait to get these started knowing I had a ton a yarn to dye for the upcoming fiber show, knitting a sweater for David, and too many other things to list here! I really love how the yarn is knitting up. I'm so glad I kept a skein for myself! I have the toe done, plus a few more rows and I'm sure my friend doing the green socks is almost done with the first sock by now! She's awesome and very speedy! Thank you Judi!
Oh, oh, I didn't mention that this is my October Phat Fiber contribution. I'm doing yarn and fiber this month, as well as last month.
Steampunk is the theme and I did this colorway on yarn first with some left over dyes and I loved it so much and it fit right in with steampunk, so I did it again on another yarn base and this fiber, all turned out fabulous. I'm so pleased with it.
One more photo, David's sweater, I saw this book when I was pregnant with him and said, I'm going to make that for a son someday, I just loved the pattern and still do. Fair Isle is, well,  let's just say tangley!  I'm not sure that is even a word, spell check doesn't have it...
Almost every afternoon when David is napping, I stop everything I am doing and sit down on the couch, (knitting in hand) with Katya. It's our time together, just her and I, because before David was born that's what we had all the time and she loves it, we read books; I read to her or she likes to "read" to me. Sometimes we'll watch a movie, Cinderella being her most favorite. Sometimes if I'm lucky Katya will fall asleep, too! It's getting rare that they take naps at the same time anymore, since Katya doesn't nap much anymore anyway. It is a very refreshing time and keeps me going for the rest of the day, I have come to really enjoy it and look forward to it, despite all the things that need to get done. They can wait and are not going anywhere, unfortunately!

A few side notes of the day:
David is now almost 17 months old and he can get the child safety locks open, you know the one's that are suppose to keep the kids out of the bathroom cupboard doors and drawers? Yes, he sticks his little finger in there and pushed down just right and is so pleased with himself, I can't help but smile. I can't get the darn things open most of the time! 
Today we were at the park and I always bring a snack a long, but leave it in the car or bike trailer and we go and get it after we've played a while. So, we went to the car, got the snack and Katya is running back to the picnic table waiting for us slow pokes, David and I. On the way back, I told David: "We have to go and sit by Katya so we can have our snack". He stopped, and carefully sat himself down right in the middle of the blacktop parking lot and wouldn't move! He wanted his snack! He was sitting after all, this is a house rule, we sit at the table or on the kitchen floor to eat, not running around the house. He's learning fast, too fast sometimes!  


  1. Funny, I finished the first sock just before I sat down to read blogs. I think you will like it.

  2. See, I told you; you are fantastic! I can't wait to see it!
    ~ Angela


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