Monday, September 20, 2010

Oh, the pretties...

...are coming. Not so good weather lately to get the yarn dry. I'm not looking forward to winter!
Remember the pretty picture that Whit2Pearl2 submitted for the July colorway contest? Well, I've been meaning to dye some yarn just like it and finally did. (bad photo -- need to get rid of that gray background!)

 I used the same technique as I did for the August winner, Halifax Shore. It's hand painted, but more randomly, not so organized. The chances of pooling are greatly minimized in this technique, which I much prefer. I'm going to be knitting one of these skeins into a pair of socks and the other I'm going to send off to be made into a pair for me. I just don't have time to do them both myself and the sweater for David and a rose red hat for my sister and one for myself, oh, did I mention I need to spin the yarn! Yeah, spin the yarn, yikes! How will I ever get that done, maybe I should find a spinner, too! Ha Ha!
So, which one should I do, and which one should I send off? The real question is which pair of socks do you want to see first? That will be the one I send off!!
The brownish red one is Victoria and it's in the shop, the green one is still nameless and isn't in the shop yet.


  1. Wow, great dye job. I can't wait to see the knitting-up result!

  2. They are both gorgeous! I love the green....I'm a bit partial to green though. Tough choice- good luck.


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