Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The winner's yarn...

...finally; I think. It's been a real challenge to get this one right; three times at the dye pot to be exact. I have 2 versions of this one, same colors just a different dyeing technique. I love them both. The first yarn is a lighter version, the most accurate I think; it is on Opulence, Merino/Cashmere/Nylon. The second is a darker, richer version and it is on Sumptuosity, /Baby Alpaca/Cashmere/Silk. These were the second and third attempts, don't even ask about the first! You might be able to spot it in the shop if you have a good imagination...

While I was dyeing this the first time I was picturing myself in Duluth, Minnesota, which has a similar landscape. Duluth is one of my favorite cities so it was pretty easy to get this in my head. I love climbing rocks like these and walking on the rocks in the water. I imagine the lake breeze surrounding me and soaking in the splashes from the water and smelling the cool, crisp air. It was all a delight until I realized that the yarn was not what I was feeling or imagining! My second attempt was better, but I was still unsure until it was dry and I loved it even if it didn't depict the photo exactly. The third depicts it the most accurately I think and would make a great pair of socks, this is what Rev Joy wants to make with it anyway...we can't wait to see them!
Congratulations on being the winner this month Rev Joy! Thank you to all for submitting yet again fabulous photos! I plan on getting to the others soon, Friday is a big dye day for me; I can't wait!  ~ Angela
As my followers know I can't give away the full skein because it's a yarn club, so for the sake of the members...it's available in my shop.

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