Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Winner is...

...Lilly from Helen Georgia with her beautiful and very inspirational Autumn Path photo. This photo was taken on Lilly's wedding day! What a beautiful place for a wedding and thank you so much for submitting it.  Lilly, you can expect your skein in the mail soon!
My favorite photo was the Bluebird, so you'll be seeing some yarn in the shop like it soon. Since this one didn't capture my eye as quickly as the Bluebird I thought long and hard about how I wanted to dye the yarn for Autumn Path. I have been on a similar path in Russia and thought about how I felt when I walked on it. I remember feeling the bristling of the turning leaves and smelling the fresh and crisp air of autumn. I wanted it be a soft color, like the soft leaves, yet I wanted  it to capture the brilliant colors of the leaves and ground. I didn't want it too contrasting so that it flows nicely in a knitted piece. I imagine walking and seeing the dark ground with most of the color all around me. I went from there and I think I have a beautiful landscape on the yarn! Here is a sneak peak!
 Now, I need your help again! I'm terrible at naming my yarn, it's the worst part of my job actually. So, leave a comment and tell me what you think it should be called! Thank you to all who participated this month;  I look forward to next month's photos! Keep em' coming!

I've decided to keep it's original name, I don't know why I thought it had to be renamed anyway! So, it's called Autumn Path, how could we come up with a better one really? Silly me!
~ Angela


  1. What a lovely photo and the yarn inspired by it has such pretty colors! As for a name, how about "Autumn Walk" (unless that's too similar to the photo's name?)

  2. Do you have to use a different name from the photo? I thought "autumn path" sounded pretty slick. I also didn't realize that the yarn was unnamed... I thought that was what you were going to use!

  3. I've actually been thinking the exact same thing. You're right, I'm going to leave it! Thanks for saying it "out loud"! ~ Angela


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