Monday, December 13, 2010

A little Christmas...

...baking we did yesterday. I made Chunky Chocolate Chai Biscotti; we love to drink tea (as you can imagine), and these biscotti are wonderful with tea. I would love to send them out with all of your holiday Tea and Yarn packages but it just wouldn't be practical, allergies, some of you may not eat something made from a stranger, etc, etc. Here is the recipe for you to try if you like. Enjoy, now I'm off to knit, I'm seeming David's sweater, one sleeve attached and 1 to go! I'm making Katya a blue cabled hat, her choice, she's in love with the color blue and the Rose Red hat I made, remember the pink one? Well, it's a little too big for her and keeps falling into her eyes. Hopefully soon I'll have photos to show off to you! ~ Angela

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