Monday, December 6, 2010

St. Nicholas Day...

...seems to always come a day late at our home. I totally forgot about it this year to tell you the truth! It was 9pm and I was lying in bed with my kids and I remembered. Katya jumped out of bed and gathered up our shoes and put them out in the living room. We didn't have anything to put in those I whispered to my husband who almost falling asleep, too that I was going to run out to the store and get some things while they were all fast asleep.  And that I did; fruit, chocolate, fruit things, granola bars, and some bath toys.

I've been wanting some bath toys for the kids. It's a great thing these cold days to keep them busy for almost an hour. The best part about it is that it's my spinning time or knitting depending on if I need to get a project done. I'm almost done with David's fair isle sweater, just half a sleeve left and the finishing work, placket, buttons, collar and seeming. My goal is to have it done so he can wear it the 18th of December, our first Christmas party. I do well when I have a reasonable goal and it keeps me on track.
St. Nick even puts treats in Mommy and Daddy's shoes at our home! I wasn't blogging last year during this time, but I thought you would enjoy reading this (click) and the tradition I started last year. After you read it you'll know what I mean when I say this: Katya hasn't grown out of the pair I made last year and David is still too young for them....

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  1. Oh! It is so nice to see someone else who celebrates St. Nicholas Day too. Thank you so much for sharing. :D


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