Thursday, September 23, 2010

Look what I got... the mail today! Fun mail lately. I'm going to make a RoseRed hat for myself with this one! It is from Corgi Hill Farm on Etsy. It is 75 Merino Wool and 25 Silk with Firestar for Sparkle. It is one of the softest merino batts I've ever felt, granted I've not touched that many in my short days of spinning, but a few. I can't wait to get this on my spindle! It might be a little while, I'm working on David's sweater, not much progress yet, just got the dark brown in the mail yesterday. And my brown socks, the toe is almost done on one sock. Slow progress. I need to dye more yarn, the fiber festival is coming up too fast! Oh, I got something else at her shop, but I can't show it yet, because it's a gift for someone, she's mostly likely going to read this, but it will just keep her guessing! It is just as gorgeous, pictures later!  (HeHe-HaHa Tawtaw!)

AnnaMarie also sent me these little samples, the left one is silk and the right is superwash merino and cashmere, way so soft!! What a sweetheart she is!
~ Angela


  1. Siiiiigh Angela, you are such a fibre enabler. I think I've bought fibre almost every time you link an etsy shop!!

  2. Sheralynn, sorry :) I just couldn't help myself! It was so good not to share!

  3. Corgi Hill is the best! I love their fibers and I love how they give you samples and candy in your package. Too sweet!


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