Monday, August 16, 2010

Top 5 photos...

...are up! Here are larger photos of all those you see above in the same order. Have fun voting! Remember voting closes on August 27th at 12 midnight CST. VOTE ABOVE!

Congratulations to the top 5 photographers! They are listed in no particular order, it was a hard choice. I would love to use them all for inspiration in my dyeing adventures, if only I had all that time!  Thank you to all of you who submitted a photograph; it was a delight to see them all! ~ Angela

#1. Green-winged Macaw   Submitted by: LakeLady8186 (Ravelry name)
I imagine dyeing the yarn in narrow long stretches of color in red, green and turquoise. When knitting a pair of socks it would come out as narrow stripes, a very fun pair of socks indeed.

#2. Lotus Water Lily   Submitted by: Designs by Jenai
I would love to see this yarn progress from dark to light pink, with a medium yellow, while leaving some of the yarn white. I think this would make a beautiful colorway!

#3. Rocks in Halifax, NS Harbor   Submitted by: ReverendJoy (Ravelry name)
I think this will make a beautiful pastel colorway of gray, coppery tan, burnt red and blue in a subtle array of color blended together to create a harmonious yarn.

#4. Daylily   Submitted by: PurlVerde (Ravelry name)
I'm seeing burnt orange with the slightest hint of pink,  and yellow with small splashes of purple throughout the yarn intermingled giving the knitted piece an all-over color look.

#5. Farmer's Market Salad   Submitted by: Sdmags (Ravelry name)
I'm envisioning shades of green, light yellow, orange, dark purple and pink in a variegated yarn. I think it would be a vibrant, beautiful and fun colorway!


  1. I vote for #2. Lotus Water Lily Submitted by: Designs by Jenai

  2. Hi all,

    In case you haven't already, you'll need to check the little dot below the strip of top 5 photos above to have your vote count. Comments are fine; it's nice to see what you, my readers like the best, but I want your votes to count, too!


  3. Guess my vote is in the majority with the Water Lily.
    I love dense, jewel tones and subtle earthy colors as much as the next person. And sometimes those bright, light, eye-catching colors are just what the doctor ordered! Have a feeling, that for this coming Winter, I'm going to be knitting/spinning with the lighter side of stuff, just as a 'pick-me-up' safeguard.

  4. I'm in an Orange-periond these days - perhaps because Fall is comming??? I love the way you've let us see the pictures of how you get inspired for your colourways! I'd love to see more of such!

  5. can just envision #4 as a beautiful yarn skein!


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