Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bluebird in a tree...

...was submitted by Eskimimi (ravelry name) and I loved it at first sight and it got my vote, so I couldn't resist dyeing it! Thank you Eskimimi for submitting such a stunning photograph! It turned out okay, I think I want to do it again and focus more on the bird itself and not the background; leaving out the green and brown. It's a pretty colorway, but I don't think it captures the photo like I would like it to. The blue isn't quite right, etc, etc! Stay tuned...


  1. Lovely picture and beautiful yarn!

    The bird's pose reminds me of a bird I saw on lolcats, standing on the other side of a window from a bunch of kitties, shaking his tailfeathers!

    Since you don't spin, I guess that means you don't sell dyed roving... ?

  2. I do spin actually! I've been learning and love it! I should update huh?! Email me, what kind of roving do you like? I might even have some...


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