Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's here, it's here...

...Katya's kitchen has arrived and she loves it! So does David, it will be a great learning to share toy for sure! All of her fun birthday gifts fit perfectly in all the little drawers. She saw the box being delivered this morning and with all the pictures on it she didn't even realize what it was and that it was for her! Daddy took it into the office and put it together while the rest of us picked up and organized the toys, putting some of them away, baby toys and things they are tired of playing with. When I get them out again they'll be just like new to them; it works great!
So, the kids and I went into the bedroom while Daddy brought out the kitchen to the living room and here's a few photos of Katya and David discovering the kitchen! Katya has always loved playing at her friends and her cousins homes' with their kitchens and she is delighted to have one of her very own! It's been a wonderful morning of making pizza and cookies and the pot and pan that came with the kitchen even sizzle and boil! "Awesome" says Katya!

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