Monday, July 26, 2010

Another birthday...

...this time it's my daughters 3rd birthday and we celebrated all weekend. The big family party on Saturday and just us on Sunday. She absolutely loved her Cinderella cake! It was so fun to decorate it, I did pretty good I think for my first "real" decorating job.
It was a hot sunny day so we spent the afternoon in the pool, Katya's favorite thing to do in the summer! She opened her presents throughout the day, all were a huge play things to go with her new kitchen (that isn't here yet!) from Mommy and Daddy and her own glass slippers just like Cinderella!
Today we sang Happy Birthday to her throughout the day and played all day with her new kitchen toys, making and eating pizza and cookies, noodles and soup! What a blast it will be when the kitchen arrives! She's gonna love it!!
As my little Cinderella was falling asleep in my arms tonight she wrapped one arm around my neck and said: "You are my best friend." She's only 3....sweet dreams my sweetheart.

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