Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's been...

...too long since I've posted here! Summer has arrived and we've been doing a lot of biking and playing at the parks! Waseca has some great parks and we love them all, there is something new at each park as far as play equipment so it's fun to visit them all, and even I don't get bored!

My dear husband is in the kitchen making truffles! Coffee truffles, and he keeps coming in with something new for me to taste, first it was the coffee flavored chocolate (whoever knows my husband knows he makes the best coffee ever! ~ I don't drink coffee so I wouldn't know, but everyone who has had some says so!), anyway, then the toasted coconut, so sweet and yummy! Oh, in between those was a could I forget! I'll show you pictures later...of the truffles!

I've been doing some dyeing, though. I'm getting an order ready for one of my local yarn shops in Rochester, Minnesota. This is exciting for me!

Here are some goodies added to my shop. Stop by and take a look, they are pretty yummy! The blue and tan are sport weight, this is new in the shop and also, the tan is one of a kind, so get it while it lasts! Sometimes the one of a kinds are the best and it's a beauty! 

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