Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tea + Cake + Yarn =

The TeaCake Knitters... I'm starting a knitting group with some friends once a month and I'll be serving delicious tea, scrumptious cake and we'll play with yummy yarn! I will be teaching something about yarn or knitting as well.  I plan on posting what I teach, the yummy recipe for the cake and the kind of tea, which I would like to also use for a colorway inspiration for my yarn. My first colorway is here. Our first meeting is June 9th. The second Wednesday of the month. I think I will make chocolate cake with ganache frosting and top it with strawberries, they are in season in June, unless I find something different in the mean time. I will have to use raspberries in August - oh, I can't wait!
So, the post cards go out I'll work on some yarn and knitting education for the first meeting.
Until soon,

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