Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fiber, fiber...

...everywhere, from the beginning to the end. Gorgeous! I love it. I'm going to save it for myself to spin someday. A dear friend of mine wants to teach me to spin. At first I said no way...I have no time...after a few weeks I started to realize how cool it would be if I could make my own yarn! I dye it, why not spin it, too. I can learn slowly, as if I have nothing else to do! Why not learn while I'm young and then when I'm old, or my kids are older I will be able to actually do it and not learn it then. Sounds better to me after I thought about it for a while, makes sense. So, yes, she talked me into it, pretty easily I must say. Today she dropped off her spinning wheel to let me practice! Now, I just have to get the kids to bed, they are night owls lately! One down, one to go, David is sleeping in my lap right now and Daddy is trying to get Katya ready for bed, she is trying to play instead! 

I hand painted the pencil roving in 6 different colors, some left overs, but I think I can repeat the colorway on some yarn. Dyeing roving was fun, a bit more work than yarn.

It's all dry and I'm not sure what to do with it, wind it in a ball maybe and save it for later. It will be my inspiration for learning how to spin!


  1. You sure have been keeping busy! You put me to shame :)!

  2. Oh my! That fibre looks amazing! I love the colours you picked.. can't wait to see it spun up!


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