Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I've not been up to...

...knitting or spinning lately. I've been enjoying myself decorating our new home. Here is what I just finished this afternoon: A lamp for my son's room. He is only 3, but little boys grow up so I want something that will be timeless and grow with him. We painted the walls a light gray, dark gray sheets and I let him choose the main accent color, deep rich red or green; I didn't much care. He choose green.

 I purchased the  black base for $4.00 at Goodwill in perfect condition. I got the shade at Walmart for $10.00. Pretty boring as my daughter would say now...

I peeled off the binding which was secured by glue from the top and bottom of the shade (saved in case I needed it later.)

I traced the lamp shade onto brown wrapping paper, tracing both the top and bottom at the same time.

Tracing is done with about 1.5 inches extra for overlap at the seem.

I pinned my pattern to the fabric. I used a 100% cotton fabric.

I cut it out with an extra 1 inch on each side for overlap on the top and bottom. Next sprayed the lamp shade and the wrong side of the fabric with adhesive spray and rolled the lamp shade onto the fabric securing gently as to not stretch out the fabric.

Here I glued the fabric down in half to create a nice clean edge on the inside.

Lastly I folded the fabric one more time to inside of the lamp leaving a nice clean edge applying glue to the rim of the lamp and the inside of the fabric.

TaDa! We all love it! We decided we like it without the ivory binding that we saved from the original shade. A little more masculine and modern this way.

Here are a few other things we have so far for his room. His room will also be serving a guest room for my husband's mother who will be staying with us for 3 months, starting next week! She is from Russia, as was my husband, before he married me :)

We loved this pillow when we saw it, it's more green than yellow, but kind of in between. Those sparkly things are gray, it was perfect.

This will tie all of the colors together. I'm still on the hunt for a very small chair to sit in the corner, it might be a project, who knows!


  1. I love the lamp! the painting is sweet too!!

  2. I really LOVE that painting!!

    My favorite color is fuscia pink!

    rosebob on ravelry

  3. I really like the remade lamp. Great job! My favorite color is purple.

  4. Great idea on the lamp!
    I really like your color scheme
    reiki on ravelry

  5. I do like what you have done with the lamp, hmmm my favorite color would have to be pink, the brighter the better.


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