Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Finishing up...

...David's bedroom, but first guest room for the next 3 months. I bought this chair at an antique shop. It's small, cute and sturdy. Perfect for this bedroom and then our living room when David takes over the room! All I'll need to do it recover the cushion, fabric is cheap and fun!

We think the chair had a wicker seat originally, explaining all the holes around the seat. Someone else padded it when it wore out nailing the seat cushion to the top of the chair. I need to add cushion to help cover up those tons of holes. Easy fix and it needed more cushion anyway. We glued the new pad to the old and stapled the fabric on it. Done in an hour! 
I also put on a resurfacing polish with a tint of stain and it covers up the scuffs and scratches in the wood. It looks fantastic! 

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