Tuesday, May 22, 2012

We are...

...moving! Our new home will be just north of Anoka, MN. My husband graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering on May 5th. Got a job offer on May 4th, and we just found a home on 5.5 acres. We are thrilled to be moving out of this 650 square foot 2 bedroom apartment!! Don't ask me how I run a business out of here; I'm not sure how myself :)

Here's a little background for those of you who do not know, I've been thinking about writing about how my husband and met, but other things seem to get in the way all the time. This will be the quick version!

I met my husband in Russia while on mission trips and long story short he came to the USA to marry me, we got married, he started school, we had 2 kids, now 3 and almost 5. It's a romantic love story I'd like to write about someday...

So here we are on the journey, school done, got a good job and a HOUSE to live in with 5.5. acres!! I grew up in the country so this apartment living is very hard for me. The best part is the yard for the kids to play in, sand-pile, garden all the things we have been waiting for. It's hard to believe it's really time. I'm so proud of my husband, he worked a part to full time job and went to school, still debt free and graduated with a 4.0 so that I could stay at home with our children.

There are a few reasons why I started my business, I wanted a way to contribute to our family without going to work outside the home it has really helped us while he was in school, so thank you to all of you who have supported my business!

Oh!! Get this! Our new address is xxxxx Alpaca St! We knew it was meant to be when we found that out!

We move on June 2nd, so things in the shop won't be back to normal for a time yet. There is a new website in the works, too!

Until soon,

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  1. LOL.....Alpaca St = perfect!
    Have fun in your new place and congrats!


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