Sunday, April 29, 2012

Great fun at...

...Yarnover!! It was an energizing day for me and has me refreshed to hit the dye pots again. My customers and fellow spinners and knitters know how to do this well :)

I started the weekend Friday afternoon at the hotel with my husband and kids. We were greeted at the hotel with warm chocolate chips cookies and knitters in the lobby. It's so fun to see knitters in public, it doesn't happen much for me.

We went for a swim, the kids love swimming and can't wait until Grandma & Grandpa open up the pool for the summer! I grew up with pool, so we love it that we still have one to go home to, especially since we don't have one ourselves (yet!).

My husband and I were up at 5 the next morning to get ready for Yarnover. Hotel sleep is never that great and I was probably too excited about the next day to sleep well anyway, it wasn't too hard to get up.

My dear husband put together all of the grid walls, really a mans job, even though I could do it, I really didn't want to. He was great help all around, thinking of things I wouldn't have.

I made connections with new yarn shops and I'm excited for the prospects with them. Watch out Twin Cities, it might be coming to a shop near you!

I met the wonderful and talented designers, Sivia Harding, Anne Hanson and Rosemary (Romi) Hill! Romi and I have some things cooking up for you! We are both very excited about it! She made me blush with her compliments.

I was able to see some of my drop spindle students and was tied up with someone else and unable to see their spinning progress, I missed seeing it and talking with you and sharing your excitement. Come to Shepherd's Harvest, I want to see you and what you've been up to!

 I love hearing my customers feedback and you have given me a renewed energy for dying, I sometimes get in a rut and you really help that! Thank you. It was so much to see old faces again and reconnect! I look forward to seeing you again at Shepherd's Harvest!


  1. You met ROMI????????? I love her designs!
    I wish I had the money to take her lace surgery class... *sigh*

  2. Hi Angela,

    I enjoyed meeting you and talking yarn...I'll look for you at Shepherd's Havest...

    Sharon (Knitting My Way Home)


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