Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tea and...

Yarn/Fiber for August is up in the shop! The most luxurious yarn and fiber for this summer's club! I've got 3 yarn and 2 fiber available in the shop right now.

I've been knitting with Sumptuosity lately, making a hat, scarf and mittens for my son. I dyed this yarn about 2 years ago and it matched his coat that my sister got him for Christmas perfectly and I've been saving it for him. I know, such luxury for a little boy of only 2 years old! Baby Alpaca, Silk and Cashmere, but really I'm the one knitting it, the luxury is all mine and I've loved every minute of knitting with it, expect I hate knitting scarves, I'm almost done with it and then on to the mittens. The hat is done and I will post photos when the set is complete. Since this yarn is fingering weight and I wanted to get it done quickly I'm using 3 strands held together on a size 6 needle. It's working out very nicely.


  1. O so gorgeous! What is wrong with little ones having something so soft? Not only is it soft but it will be wonderfully warm perfect for a precious treasure.

  2. That yarn is beautiful ... I love the color!


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