Monday, January 17, 2011

Tea and Yarn...

...January only is now listed in the shop and there is just 1 available. It usually sells quickly, so snag it now if you want it!

In case you are wondering what the benefit might be if you purchase the 3 month club I'll fill you in. The price for the 3 month club is reduced and I'll be putting little extras in the packages, most of the time knitting related, sometimes not, it will be a nice surprise. You will also get to see new yarns first hand and sometimes never before seen in my shop at a reduced priced! Rest assured they are very good quality yarns and knitter tested!

I have the Summer Tea and Yarn Club listed as well in my shop, and if you don't think tea is so good for summer, try it on ice. I think the Teavana teas are so good on ice, especially on a hot summer day. Did you know that mixing the teas for a fun new flavor is exciting, too. I ounce bought a tea that I didn't care for very much on it's own, but I mixed it with another and it was amazingly good! So, no wasted money there, just by mixing them up a bit you'll be creating new flavors of your own.

I'm off to brew myself a cup of Swiss Vervaine, it's cold this morning!
~ Angela

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