Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Food is... much better when you don't have to cook it yourself, don't you agree? My husband had a break over Christmas and he was a sweetheart and gave me a break in the kitchen! He made a few seafood dishes, a few Russian favorites and of course dessert and tea!

Parsley Shrimp Linguine

Fried Rice and Scallops



Walnut Brownies and Swiss Vervaine Herbal Tea
I've always thought tea tastes better when it's sipped from a pretty cup. I'll confess the brownies are from a box, Ghiradelli Double Chocolate, I can't make them from scratch better. I do put my own ganache on them, though and that makes them even better!


  1. Food and yarn...what more could a girl ask for...well, maybe some jewelry also. The dishes look yummy and I love your yarns...beautiful.


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