Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Oh no....'s the 17th! I was suppose to have the top 5 photos picked out and up to vote on by now! I'll get to it ASAP! The time has been flying by, trying to catch up on things since the festival and knitting or trying to knit my son's sweater, my first fair isle and it's 1 step forward 2 steps back. I keep going to something else, I'm not liking the process at all. I'm spinning this...
...75/25 Alpaca/Merino dyed by me, it's called earth and sky. I'm spinning it on my new spindle...
...that I got at the Fiber Festival. I like to get a little something at each festival, it's something to remember the event with in years to come. It brings back some great memories. I do this when I travel, or use to travel; I bought wine glasses, that was a lot of fun and makes for great conversation at the dinner table.

Anyway... about the's from The Dragonfly Workshop. I broke my other favorite, but this was immediately a favorite for it's long, steady and balanced spin. I got to try it out at the festival, so that was a real bonus, and it was great to meet the person who made it and his family. I'm spinning finer and a more even yarn with it, too. It's all very exciting and now I like spinning even more, can you imagine that?

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  1. Oh my! The colors are are so calm and restful-- to me. ^_^ I am really drawn to the colors mixed in with the grey... aahhhh!

    I guess I just need some more practice spinning 'cuz I can't make my homespun look so even... let alone fine. :-P


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