Friday, October 15, 2010

Tea Cake Knitters...

...had a great time last night knitting, talking and learning how to cable! By request I taught everyone how to incorporate cables into their knitting. I got a few free patterns on Ravelry and they are making 2 different headbands. It will be fun to see the progress next month! I remember teaching myself to cable; I always thought it was so difficult, until my Uncle told me just the opposite and explained it to me without showing me, it then seemed to so easy, and really it is. I was so excited I went ahead and made my son ( not knowing he was a boy -- but I had a really good feeling) this sweater before he was born. I love cables!
I made delicious carrot cake, with toasted walnut cream cheese frosting, courtesy of Emeril Lagasse, mm-mm, so good, we ate what was left for breakfast this morning! It reminded me of when I worked in surgery; if someone brought treats, we always ate them on our morning break, or they would be gone by the time we went to lunch. Carrot cake was a favorite, a special lady whom I worked with for a while would often bring her carrot cake in, among other goodies she is "famous" for. That was a fun little trip down memory lane for me this morning...
I made peach tea to go with it, about all I had left in the cupboard to tell the truth. It was delightful with the cake I thought.
All the knitters in action, working on those cables...
Check out those pointy sticks! I've never been able to maneuver those myself, especially pregnant, I'm sure I would have poked myself a lot!
Remember those pots and buckets a few posts back? Oh, and they were hanging so pretty in the tree, too. Well here are a few all skeined up. Some may make it to my shop, but most are going to the festival with me. (Unless you beg me : ~)

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