Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Coming soon to my shop is...

...LACE weight! At least one base anyway, I have plans for one more that is even more luxurious than this Merino Cashmere and Silk. 80/10/10 to be exact. It comes in at 800 yards and 125 grams. It is very beautiful, soft and shiny, I love the silk for giving it a touch of luminosity. I have two of each colorway. More is coming, just not sure when; it's time to do the colorway contest next! In fact I did the winner's this morning,  it's cooling in the dye-pot and I can't wait until tomorrow morning to rinse it and hang it out to dry; hopefully we have good weather. Then I can really see how I did!

I don't have a name for this line up yet. Any ideas? I love the other names I have for my yarns, Resplendence, Sumptuosity, Opulence, etc. I would like something similar in the same arena as these. I have to get my thinking cap on! 
Most of these are one of a kind colorways, I go for a certain color, and I just add the primary colors to the pot until I get what I want. Sometimes I get better results by doing this and not being so calculated and organized. There is one exception and that is the top right skein, it is called Wine and is repeatable,  a favorite of mine; it goes quickly in the shop! They are all a very subtle semi-solid and will be gorgeous in your lace knitting!

So, I have 2 questions for you:
1. What name do you suggest for this line?
2. What other colors would you love to see in this lace weight?


  1. 1. Luxuriant
    2. subtle shades of gray

  2. 1. Softese
    2. Yellow not a golden one but more a crayon yellow

  3. Eloquence or perhaps Scintillation?

    Would love to see it in a deep bright red!

  4. 1. Luminosity
    2. Deep, almost blue, purple or a forest green

  5. Religious Experience


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