Monday, August 9, 2010

Sneaky little thief... precious little angel was my daughter (3 years of age) today and it all started in the grocery store. Katya and David cry if I don't put them in the "car" shopping cart, the kids' seats are up in front of the cart, equipped with steering wheels and horns. So, there they sit strapped in so they can't get out when I'm not looking. and as soon as they get in their arms grow because they always manage to get something in the cart they think we should buy. We finished getting the few things I needed and I was gathering my purse, the shopping bag and David while Katya is carefully getting herself out of the little car holding her skirt rolled up and she almost falls out of hte car because she won't let it go. I said, "Katya what do you have in there?", knowing full well she had something. She says: I don't have anything!" I proceeded to unroll her skirt and sure enough there was a pack of Rollos (candy) in there! Sneaky little thing, how did she know she couldn't let anyone see her take them from the store? We marched right back in and she showed the man that bagged our groceries and said, "I wanna put it back!!"  We had a nice lesson in stealing on the way to the next store.

This time both kids are up in front of the cart strapped in their little seats and I can see everything they do, not quite as much fun as the "car" shopping cart, but fun anyway. I'm looking at something on the shelf and Katya says: "Mom, he colored on hims arms." I turned to look and there was this man standing about 8 feet from us with his arms covered in tattoos. I laughed out loud, (but not too loud)! "Mom, he colored all over hims arms!"

Later on at home we are getting ready to eat supper and David is in the high-chair and Katya in her chair at the table. I'm in the kitchen and I over-hear Katya starting to pray: "In the name of Father, and of the Son, and Holy Pirit,  Amen. Holy Mary......She said almost the entire prayer by herself, a little out of order, but she did it! My little angel has returned! She can say the Bless us O Lord by heart. We've been praying the Hail Mary all of her life and just a few weeks ago we had her start repeating it after us at mealtime. It's amazing how kids learn so quickly.

Well, she didn't learn to steal from me! The smart thing is she knew she shouldn't do it! Amazing little beings they are. What a funny day at our house, lots to tell Daddy when he returns home from work (unless he reads this first)!

Fresh from the dye pot today is this over-dye job; it was this green, brown and red, supposed to be fall colorway, but it looked more like Christmas to me, so I over-dyed 2 of the 4 skeins with some brown to cover the green and I think it's going to look a heck of a lot better! It is still wet in the photo. We've been having insanely hot and humid weather here, so it should be dry by the end of the day tomorrow. I also dyed up some more Autumn Path, the July contest winner.

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  1. Ah, what a precious post!! I just found your blog off of yarn house....I think....:) Now, I am going to take a look at your yarn!!! Keep praying the Hail Mary with your kids.....that is the one thing that has gotten my family of seven through, Sister!!!!


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