Thursday, July 15, 2010

Come join us on...

...ravelry! I've created a group and you may join us here if you like. I've created a thread to post your photos that you submitted for the contest. I know July's is almost over, but you'll be able to do it for next month for sure.

Thank you to all of you you sent in a photo, they are all inspiring and I wish I had time to turn them all into yarn! If I do I will post the photo and the yarn for you all to see!

Voting starts on Saturday, the 17th of July. It's going to be a tough decision! If yours doesn't get chosen and you think it's good, enter it again next month, I'd love to see some of them back again and I'm excited to see others as well.

Good luck to you all! I'll have some help in deciding on the top 3, more heads are always better than one!

~ Angela

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