Monday, December 28, 2009

My Darling daughter...

...Katya, just over 2 years of age pushed a chair from the dining room table into the kitchen and climbed up onto it. She leaned over slightly, reaching with her eyes and peered into a big stock pot on the stove with a skein of yarn floating in blue water. She exclaimed: yarn soup! From here on out kettle dyeing yarn in our home was called yarn soup.

This was the beginning of my yarn dyeing experience. I loved it. I started with blue food coloring on a worsted weight blend of wool, cashmere and rayon. It's all I had in a neutral color in my small stash. I knew it might not turn out with the rayon, but it did! It is a beautiful turquoise yarn now. Katya said she wants a hat made from it, I have more feminine colors in mind for her, although someday one of my kids will get something knitted from it. In the mean time it's part of my slowly growing stash.

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  1. If only I had more time and $$. I'd love to dye my own, but the possibility of messing up (I do that a lot) keeps me from trying it with my limited stash. >.<


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