Wednesday, November 14, 2012

SAL/KAL in true...

...Nordic Style: 2 color knitting! Here is how it began:

I am so excited about the December PhatFiber box! Here's how I got there and I hope you enjoy my plan.

When I was chaining up fiber getting it ready to label I was saying to myself, wow, this would be awesome spun with this or that with this, etc. You get my drift. I kept working...then it came to me again...I wonder if I could incorporate a combo of fibers in a PhatFiber box??? That would be fun! So, I immediately went to my computer to see what December's theme was...not sure at first and I did a little more thinking. Nordic knitting...true Nordic style coming from the Nordic countries Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland is color-work! YES! I've got it...I will pair up colors combos and send them out for the box. I got right to work and it was fun indeed.

I've always loved to spin different color combos, it's not boring and makes spinning much more fun and interesting. Whether I spin the singles and ply them together or spin and ply them alone and then knit them together.

I chose a set to spin myself and did an N-ply with each.

I am hosting a SAL/KAL in honor of Nordic Culture and we will spin and knit a 2 color project 
of your choice.  SEE DETAILS HERE!

These are the other 6 color combos that I put together for the box; each are a total of .5 ounces so you can really play with them. To get a PhatFiber Box click here to find out more information!

This is a direct link the fiber, which is 40/40/20 Merino, Superwash Merino/Silk. I love spinning this fiber. Normally superwash is very slippery on it's own, so the 40 added with non-superwash is wonderful to spin, not too slippery. Merino has a shorter staple than BFL for example, so the added 20% silk makes it longer than straight merino, thus easier to spin. It is an all around fantastic fiber to spin!

Don't think you have time because of the Holiday's coming?? No fear, the deadline won't be until at least February, maybe later. I'm taking suggestions here. 

Early birds get a discount on their fiber! 15% off now through November with coupon code Nordic12 (it will get you a discount on everything in the shop actually :) Just in case you want to use a different fiber combo or knit with mill spun yarn. The options are endless!

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