Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Guest Room...

...complete! Well, almost. I still think it needs a thing or two on the dresser, a tray, candles or something...I'll see what I can come up with around the house today. Grandma Nadia and Auntie Yana arrive tonight!

Katya insisted that she be in the photo...she's cute and very excited for Mama Nadia to get here! She turned 2 when she was here last time, she is now 5 and still remembers her. It will be fun to see how she responds tonight! David was 2 weeks old when she arrived last time, I've been showing him photos and he's excited for another Grandma! (I got that dresser at an antique shop in Waseca just before we moved.) I miss Waseca's 6 antique shops!


  1. It looks GREAT!!!! I am so excited! I will be thinking of you tonight:)

  2. Love your guest room!!! Yep, now you need to get a pair of ugg slippers too!!! In this color, too. I LOVE mine =)


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