Tuesday, April 24, 2012

As promised...

...but sorry it's so late! I've been very busy getting ready for Yarnover this weekend and Shepherd's Harvest in 2 weeks!

I intended to make this sweater for myself, but after blocking it grew severely!! About 2 sizes at least. I'm very happy that it fits my Mom wonderfully! At least someone can wear it well!

Lesson Learned: WASH YOUR SWATCH!!! As if I didn't know this - I know I should have, why didn't I? Too anxious to cast on and get knitting I guess, I over looked it, but will NEVER to do it again!!  So, get gauge, measure your swatch, wash and block and measure again. Then determine what size you need to make.

I used both my handspun and hand dyed.

I spun up 5 skeins of this yarn, fingering weight around 400 yards each!

I had planned to use it for a different sweater, but didn't like a thing about it, gauge was way too loose and I didn't really like the color! Believe it or not, after all that spinning I don't even like the yarn it produced!

I had to use it, so I began pairing it up and found this, Resplendence 50/50 merino/silk to be a great combination. I love the results.

The pattern is Tea Leaves Cardigan - if I knit this again, which I may for myself for real this time :) I will add some length to the yoke; we don't really like how wide the neck is.

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