Thursday, January 19, 2012

I've got a...

...contest going on over in my Ravelry Group. Come check it out for some fun!

Meanwhile look what dried today! I'm very pleased with my spinning  if I may say so!

I finally got my sweaters worth, (maybe more) yarn done! It was a very fun project that I started in the beginning of December. I went stash busting for all the blues and some purples that I had. I blended them in my drum carder and here are the results:
5 skeins with an average of 4 ounces and 370 yards, 2 ply heavy fingering.
Total of 21 ounces/1.3 pounds and 1886 yards! Perfect for this sweater. I think. I could change my mind...

I spun this in the spring and finally got it plied, I had other plans but I decided to Navajo ply it and make a hat for my sister with it, it will match her coat perfectly.

Finally from my own hand dyed is this skein for a friend of mine. She has been an awesome inspiration to me while starting my business.

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