Friday, July 15, 2011

Just thought...

...I would share June's Tea and Yarn club photo! The yarn has arrived to it's recipiants by now. There is still 1 Tea and Fiber left, but it is a bit different, still gorgeous, but slightly different. If it doesn't sell it's going to be mine, all mine!
There is still 1 Tea and YARN and  2 Tea and FIBER for JULY left in the shop. August's will go up very soon as well.

I have a new arrangement for the Autumn Club and I hope that you will like it and that it will reach more people the way I have it set up. Details will come soon!

Photos courtesy of Sarah at Exchanging Fire...I accidentally deleted mine, darn it! Sarah has awesome stitch markers and knitting accesorries in her Etsy shop, a few of my customers have have received a stitch marker holder that Sarah made. Thank you Sarah!


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