Friday, June 3, 2011

Fiber Friday...

...and it's been a good one! I was able to get this fiber spun up this week. I got it long ago and was waiting until I was good enough to spin a fingering/sport weight for a pair of socks! It is from Bird's Nest Yarns.
It is Superwash Merino and Nylon and it spun up beautifully, it is so soft and easy to spin fine.
It is 4 ounces and 200 yards. 3 ply (navajo ply) and sport weight. I have new questions every time I spin something and this time it's how many ounces do I need to spin 400 yards of fingering/sport weight in a 3 ply? I can make a pair of short socks with this, but not tall ones for sure!  I got a new sock book and want to try out knitting from the toe up, can't wait to get started actually! I don't think this skein is going to say in this form much longer, I'm going to get it into a ball pretty quick I think!
Here are a few close up shots, as you can tell I'm pretty proud of this one!

This isn’t no sport weight! I did a swatch on size 3 needles, way too small, size 7, way good. I’m confused :-(

It looks, feels and measures up to other commercial sport weight, but it doesn’t behave like it when knitted. Any suggestions, what’s up with handspun yarn? Should it be similar to commercial yarn? For example: 3.5-4 ounces = around 200 yards worsted or 3.5-4 ounces = 400 + yards fingering? The look and feel will be different perhaps?? HELP! So if the above is true, then my yarn here is worsted weight and I’ve got a long way to go to get a 3 ply sport, let a lone fingering weight! Yikes! 

Now I’m disappointed I can’t make socks with this…


  1. That is really pretty! I just got into spinning too. I started last summer with a little innocent 10.00 drop spindle and now I have a full blown spinning wheel! LOL. I love it though, it is such a cool art and knitting from fiber you spun is so rewarding. With summer here, I just love spinning outdoors and enjoying the sun. Have fun knitting your socks, I can’t wait to see how they turn out!

    Happy Spinning!

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  3. I never even thought about taking my (a friend's) wheel outside! I just might need to do that!

  4. Gorgeous! That's some of the best, most evenly spun handspun yarn I've ever seen. So inspiring!

  5. I love the colors it look so pretty.

  6. That is wonderful yarn... I am envious of your spinning ability. ^_^
    It constantly amazes me how different the yarn looks from the fiber.. sometimes it is obviously related and often ... like this one... I would not have known the two were related....

    Do you get better at seeing how the fiber works out the more you spin?? Or are you also surprised at how it all comes together?? Maybe you plan the outcome better than I can comprehend... hmm.. again... amazing and lovely!! Well done!


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