Saturday, November 13, 2010

Let it snow...

...let it snow! As Papa was kissing us good bye early this morning before he left for work he said there was snow on the ground. YEAH! Out of the bed the kids popped racing to the window to see it and stayed there watching for more than an hour! (It's our first snowfall of the year.)
They couldn't wait to go outside and play in it and Katya couldn't wait to eat it. Last year that's all she wanted to do when outside, eat the snow!
David wasn't sure of it at first and wanted to stay on the sidewalk, but soon enough he was trapesing through the snow after Katya.
Oh, ya the pink boots, I haven't gotten his out of storage yet, so he's wearing Katya's.

The snow was perfect to make a snowman, and Katya picked out the rocks for his eyes, nose and mouth and I think he has a Merten (family) nose for sure! He has two arms on one side, too. Katya thought he need an extra one, since David was trying to pull out the other one :) 
I'm not sure if Katya can see much, but she insisted she have it all on, hood all buttoned up and all! 

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  1. The first snowfall is always the best! I just bought my kids some boots in anticipation for our first snow- hopefully next fri or sat! Yeah!!!


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